Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Customer Satisfaction Management System ISO 10002

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As Hekim Yapi A.S, in the products, services and all suchlike activities we offer in the building materials sector which we carry on our activities as a production company; “we undertake to establish better relations with our customers in the direction of the requests we receive; resolve the complaints conveyed to us in a short time to strengthen the communication between us, on condition that we will abide by the legal legislations, consider economic conditions and include our employees and stakeholders to the process; develop our product and service quality in the direction of fundamental principals listed below.”

A. Accessibility: Applications can be made to marketing and sales department.
B. Transparency: Applications can be made to phone/fax numbers of marketing and sales department or by means of www.hekimyapi.com / www.hekimpor.com websites.
C. Responsiveness: We will get back to you by fax, phone and/or e-mail after receiving your application.
D. Objectivity: Applications are evaluated in a fair and unbiased way.
E. Confidentiality: Information received from the applicant is not delivered to any department or third parties.
F. Customer orientation: We pay the utmost attention to meet the expectations and protecting the rights of our customer in a short time within the frame of our company policy and legal legislations.
G. Accountability: Applications are evaluated and replies are given in a short time.
H. Fee: No fee is demanded from the applicant when application is evaluated.
İ. Continuous Improvement: With the continuous improvement philosophy, we aim to do the best we can to manage the process better by accepting each customer complaint as an opportunity for R&D.