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Hekim Yapı 32th Training and Information Seminar

Hekim Yapı 32th Training and Information Seminar

Trainings and Seminars

We organized this month’s 32nd Training and Information Seminar on 01.06.2013, Saturday in the training hall of our factory in Hendek, Sakarya.
As always, participants watched Hekim Holding introduction video in the time between meet-and-greet and start of training. Then participants were primarily informed about which production phases the materials were subjected to and their differences and superior features to alternate products in the market, after the introduction of technical features of Hekim Yapı products.
Many company representatives and application teams from Istanbul, Ankara, Cankırı and other cities shared photographs of their applications in the seminar. Personal experiences were also shared and the seminar proceeded generally with questions and answers. After theoretical training test forms were distributed to the participants. Then participants were informed about how plates were dimensioned in the cutting machines and how products ready for delivery have to be stocked. Jotun Paint technical team gave technical training after practices regarding application of our plates in smooth areas, corner applications, putty and mastic applications were concluded. Lastly participants joined in paint and aging applications and shared their application experiences in the field with Jotun Paint technical team.
The training concluded after small samples, catalogues, painted samples and Hekim Yapı promotional items were given to each participant attending the training.