Hekim Yapı 39th Training and Information Seminar

Hekim Yapı 39th Training and Information Seminar

Trainings and Seminars

HEKIM YAPI 39th Training and Information Seminar was conducted in the training hall of our factory in Sakarya – Hendek on 16.08.2014, Saturday.
After a brief introduction participants from various cities watched Hekim Holding’s introductory video.
Many company representatives and application teams participating in the seminar learned the production stages, features of our materials and the differences from the similar products in the market. They were informed about areas of use of Hekimboard fiber cement boards. Participants shared their experiences regarding applications in the question-answer part, after they received information on applications.
Test forms were handed to all participants after theoretical information were given. Participants who answered the questions correctly were entitled to Hekim Yapı Master Applicator Certificate.
A tour of Hekim Yapı plant was conducted with all participants. Practical assembly applications were performed. The training concluded after practical applications regarding painting and aging techniques were applied on small Hekimboard plates prepared by Hekim Yapı.