Our Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy

Our Corporate Environment Policy

Protect our environment, keep Environmental impacts under control by observing environmental codes and all other requirements in order to prevent pollution and to ensure its sustainability, mitigate those impacts and continuously improve our environmental performance, facilitate this awareness in all our operations together with our employees integrally, ensure a sustainable improvement and leave a habitable, clean environment for future generations.

HEKİM YAPI END. SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. takes ISO14001 standard as a basis in order to strengthen environmental approach and meet the expectations of the relevant parties; the activities we are going to carry out to realize our policy shall be fullfiling all legal requirements in respect to environmental aspects as well as relevant party and customer requirements in order to ensure continuous development and improvement.

Utilize suitable technologies that have minimum impact on the environment to the extent possible within technical and economical limits to minimize climate change impacts, and utilize natural resources that make contribution to sustainability in order to ensure protection of biodiversity and ecosystem.

Identify our objectives taking environmental impact into consideration in plant and process design, Improve our environmental management system as part of continuous improvement of our environmental performance, inform all our employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders in respect to our responsibilities towards environment and ensure their participation.

Maintain a continuous communication and cooperation throughout the chain starting from our suppliers to our customers in order to improve environmental impact of our products, and help raising awareness on the environment.

As part of the life cycle, reduce all wastes that may arise from production, transportation, stocking, operation, treatment and maintenance at the point of origin and segregate them by type, utilize paper cardboards as raw material and make contribution to the nature, ensure recovery, make use of recycling alternatives and demonstrate our environmental consideration.

All of our employees are responsible for implementation and continuous improvement of out environmental policy.