Hekim Yapı 33th Training and Information Seminar

Hekim Yapı 33th Training and Information Seminar

Trainings and Seminars

We organized 32nd Training and Information Seminar on 06.07.2013, Saturday in the training hall of our factory in Hendek, Sakarya.

After the theoretical training, participants from Istanbul and Bursa were given a test to receive a certificate. Practical application took place after the test. Participants were informed about which production phases Hekimboard product passed through and they were informed about the technologies used as they visited product stocking areas and cutting department.

Participants received information about the pegs and screw systems used in the mounting of the EPS and rock wool insulation materials in the theoretical training given by the officials of EJOT TEZMAK BAĞLANTI ELEMANLARI TEKNOLOJİLERİ company. Theoretical information was given regarding peg selection according to the surfaces where application will be made in anchorage applications, screw types to be selected according to the profiles forming the construction and screw and peg systems required to be used on the Hekimboard plates which will be mounted on these profiles. Then the importance of selecting the right screw and peg on the right surface was shown with test devices.
Information about how the plates should be painted, paint application on stone and wood pattern plates and aging methods applied was given to the participants in sample preparation department of our factory.

The training concluded after small samples, catalogues, painted samples and Hekim Yapı promotional items were given to each participant attending the training.