Hekim YAPI A.Ş. Became A Member of EPSDER

Corporate News

We are meeting with the professionsl of the sector in EPSDER.
As Hekim Yapı, we became a member of IMSAD (Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers) last month.
Now we have become a member of EPSDER (Turkish EPS Industry Association), bringing together Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) producers and industrialists producing thermal insulation and packaging materials from Expanded Polystyrene.
EPSDER, carrying on activity for the purpose of creating awareness in public regarding EPS and forming collaboration between the university and the industry, is the only association representing the sector on the subject of polystyrene (EPS – styrofoam) products.
Having superior insulation property, low cost, infinite service life and being an eco-friendly material, we believe we can carry out significant studies on the awareness of EPS in EPSDER with the professionals from the sector.