Laboratory Studies

HekimPor Laboratory Studies

Producing in conformance with TS 13163 standards, EPS production plant is carrying out the below tests in the EPS laboratory of our company to create the product in compliance to those standards.
TS EN 1603 Determination of Dimensional Stability Under Normal Conditions
TS EN 12089 Determination of Bending Strength
TS EN 1602 Determination of Apparent Density
TS EN ISO 11925-2 Determination of Incombustibility of Construction Materials
TS EN 12089 Determination of Bending Properties
TS EN 825 Determination of Surface Flatness
TS EN 824 Determination of Deviation From Squareness
TS EN 822-823 Determination of Length, Width, Thickness

Our HekimPor products are stored in the warehouse for delivery after all controls are performed.