Kemal Yener Business Centre


Starting Date: October 2017
Ending Date: February 2018
Utilized Products and Quantities: 1.300 m2
HekimBoard 10 mm Plain Exterior Board
HekimBoard 10 mm Walnut Tree Pattern Board

Kemal Yener Business Centre Project gained recognition with HekimBoard Fibercement Natural Cement Board application in two regions.
HekimBoard Walnut Tree Pattern Boards are sized in 150 mm width according to the design, and installed on profiles prepared with a 1.500 mm distance from the façade. HekimBoard boards are also used for the corners with circular forms, achieving a good solution in detail sections.
HekimBoard Wallnut Tree Pattern Boards with Joint Lines in 190-608×2.500 mm size are used on the sides of columns.
Fire stairs of the business center are installed using Class A1 anti-flammable HekimBoard boards with 20 mm gaps in accordance with the fire codes .
HekimBoard boards utilized in Sakarya Kemal Yener Business Centre Project successfully matched the Silicone Façade System, and emphasized the authentic design of the project with a strong accent thanks to numerous detail solutions.
HekimBoard boards provide successfull results both on flat surfaces and on the wide span corners.