Tual Adalar Project


Starting Date: January 2018
Ending Date: December 2018
Utilized Products and Quantities: 26.000 m²
HekimBoard 12 mm, 20 mm Plain Exterior Board
HekimBoard 12 mm Wooden Pattern Exterior Board

Kartal’s rising value Tual Adalar Project;
Island 1 is constituted of 6 blocks in total with 3 each 30-floor and 3 each 10-floor blocks; Island 2 is constituted of 2 each 6-floor and 1 each 10-floor blocks.
French style balconies, oval floor belly lines and façade columns are prepared in the shops established at the work site using 12 mm HekimBoard boards.
10 mm grout is applied to the joining ends of 12 mm HekimBoard boards used on curvy surfaces, thus surface cracks are prevented. Vertical storm water pipes on façades are concealed and coated within constructions.
Horizontal accents on the façades are coated using 20 mm HekimBoard boards and painted with epoxy based paint. Additionally, coating work is carried out by making horizontal joints on the HekimBoard boards.
HekimBoard boards are preferred material for its class A1 attribute, and can be safely used on tall buildings. Implementation of the design using single material offers ease on detail solutions, and domestic production HekimBoard boards offer economical solutions for the projects.