Van Erciş Urban Transformation and Development Project

Van / Erciş

Starting Date: February 2018
Ending Date: December 2018
Used Products and Quantities:
Total of 35.000 m² HekimBoard is used.
HekimBoard walnut pattern, HekimBoard mixed stone pattern

Construction of 407 stores and 48 offices is currently ongoing in Erciş county of Van as part of “Urban Transformation and Development Project” of Prime Ministry Collective Housing Administration Chair (TOKİ).
Market places which have been the heart of cities since Seljukians and Ottomans to present day went beyond being a place for economical activities, purchase-sale in particular, and became public areas that bring people of a town from multiple segments.

The project developed from such perspective is therefore inspired from historic Turkish market place architecture on the store and office façades. Wooden and stone patterned boards, bow windows are used on all façade designs, and fibercement natural cement boards are used for all roof oriels and buttresses at the trade place centered around the mosque which has become a living centre.