BIM Objects

BIM Objects

Building Information Modeling

BIM means identical digital modeling of a building to be constructed, covering all related disciplines in a single common work platform. In general, structures are built twice; initially on the digital platform, then physically in the field.

Thanks to BIM; any problems that may be encountered during construction stage of the building can be identified solved on the digital design, therefore a faster, higher quality and lower cost projects are facilitated in the field.

Life cycle of the structures; is the process that starts with design stage and ends with the demolition stage upon expiry of the structure’s life cycle. BIM enables identification and resolution of problems in advance, hence the management of the structure’s entire life cycle.

Following HekimBoard BIM Object files contain all information used in respect to HekimBoard panel. These information contain many documents including anti-flammability class, technical specifications, etc.

Therefore, HekimBoard BIM Object is prepared with the objective of producing correct data for use in BIM-based programs.

Who can use BIM Object?

All disciplines using Revit program can comfortably use HekimBoard BIM Object file in their projects.