Roof Coating

Hekim Constructionmanages to be one of the leading companies of the roofing sector in both production and application areas. We work with materials of our own production, especially in numerous projects such as factories and administrative buildings, warehouses, hotels and residential areas spread over large areas. We are known for the durable materials we cover on light and reliable frames. As Hekim Yapı, we always go after permanent solutions and offer you a long-lasting use with the types of roofing materials we have developed personally.

Superior Reliability of Our Roofing Materials

The materials we produce have all the safety certificates considered by the roofing industry. For these certificates, our products are subjected to many tests and successfully pass all stages. Our reliability is confirmed by experts both in Turkey and abroad. Our creation of durable products is a result of our long-term R&D studies. At the point we have reached, we produce the most reliable domestic materials for all roofing types, particularly sandwich panel. We progress rapidly by using these materials in all of large projects we undertake. We have cooperated with many organizations in different projects until today. We have produced countless roofing materials for these projects for which we are solution partners, and we have never any problems in terms of reliability so far. We have already reached the point we imagined for our organization and now we are working towards much bigger goals.

100% Domestic Sandwich Panel and Roofing Equipment

With an annual production capacity of 4,000,000 m2, we manufacture all types of panels used in roof coatings ourselves. In our facilities, we produce panels in different sizes ranging from 600 mm to 1250 mm in width, and up to 16.000 mm in length. We produce according to the requirements of your projects, including 3 or 5-pitch roof panels from 40 mm to 150 mm thickness. The outer surfaces of the panels we use EPS, Rockwool and PIR filling are produced from membrane and sheet metal. Our sheet panels are preferred especially in roofing projects because they are lightweight and durable materials. They are extremely ideal products for all kinds of projects with their weather resistance and easy installation features. Prices of roofing materials in panel style are much more affordable compared to other materials. Their long life, low transportation and application costs are the main reasons for affordable prices. Also they do not require maintenance for a very long time, therefore the use of sandwich panels becomes very advantageous.

Roof Covering Types for Hot, Cool and Dry Places

The regions where roofing projects will be applied determine the properties of the material to be used. This is why the filling materials and thicknesses of sandwich panels vary. EPS and PIR are among the most common materials used for insulation. These members of the plastic foam family are extremely reliable products thanks to their continuously developed chemical components. Mineral wool, known as rock wool and made from rocks such as dolomite, basalt or diabase, is ideal for projects that require more noise insulation. You can also choose our stone wool insulated Hekimpanel products for places with high fire risk. As Hekim Yapı, we strive to ensure that all sandwich panel types we produce provide maximum benefit to users. We guide our users in a number of issues such as the selection of suitable roofing materials for the projects and the correct application of the material. In all the projects we have undertaken on behalf of Hekim Yapı, we have realized many successful projects both in material selection and application. We worked only with the roofing materials we produced when constructing hotels, colleges or hospitals. In short, if you want to live under a solid roof, you are in the right place. You can get much more information by contacting our expert team in the field, and you can have custom roof panels for your projects at affordable roofing prices.
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