Decorative Coating

HekimBoard Decorative Fibercement Sheets

Hekimboard fibercement products have high strength due to their structure. However, decorative products such as floor moldings, jambs, lintels and balustrades, which are used especially on the exterior facades of buildings, are easily made with suitable knives and methods. All kinds of decorative products can be prepared easily, especially with CNC and waterjet.

Facade coating of buildings is important both visually and because of its functional advantages. Structures covered with Fibercement, which have high quality cellulose fiber and cement reinforcement in their formula, are also extremely resistant to factors that adversely affect buildings such as energy loss, rainfall and fire. Fibercement boards, which add value to buildings both visually and technically, were presented to the market by Hekim Yapı under the brand name HekimBoard.

Much More Than Decorative Coating: Fibercement

Fibercement, an A1 class fireproof building material according to TSEN13501-1 quality standards, stands out as the most preferred facade coating product compared to its equivalent products. Products that give a modern, elegant and privileged form to the exterior of buildings are also very successful in increasing energy efficiency. Its protective structure, which maintains the ideal temperature level inside, increases the contribution of the product on energy saving.

Hekimboard panels create an aesthetically and visually stylish appearance as well as fire resistance. In Anatolia, which has a rich cultural diversity, it can easily adapt to the structuring that differs from region to region. If you wish, it can reflect the warmth of the wooden material or the characteristic structure of stone houses, or the plain lines of Aegean and Mediterranean architecture. Adding elegance to new generation futuristic building designs with its modern stance, Fibercement offers privilege as a comfortable and functional siding material.

Decorative Coating Creating Elegant Touches on Interior and Exterior Surfaces

HekimBoard products do not only have an aesthetic and protective effect on the outer surfaces of the buildings. Plates, which can be transformed into different forms thanks to their machinable and customizable features, have a homogeneous structure. Characteristic motifs encountered in Seljuk and Ottoman architecture can be easily processed on Fibercement boards on industrial benches such as CNC and Waterjet.

The most important difference that distinguishes the product from other coating materials is that the product, which is easily applied on flat surfaces, can be used on the embroidered facades of classical architecture, if desired. Because it is a light material, it puts less load on the building compared to other materials. The ability to be applied comfortably in both modern and classic textured building designs gives the material flexible use. Providing many privileges with its light and durable features, Fibercement provides superior advantages compared to the cost and application time of precast systems.

Other Advantages of Fibercement Facade Cladding

Providing high contribution to building quality on interior and exterior walls, Fibercement is also effective on the value of the building with its many benefits. It is a complicated product that increases the value of the structure it is used after application and enables it to reach more buyers quickly thanks to the difference it creates in appearance.

Products with A1 class fire resistance level, which are sought in many public spaces and collective dwellings, constitute a safety factor. Autoclaving the product under high temperature and pressure in the production process activates its resistance to all kinds of climatic conditions. With these superior features, Hekimboard fibercement exterior facades are effective in building longer life and minimizing the risk of wear. It does not require paint and maintenance on the applied surface, allowing it to maintain its aesthetic stance for a long time. In this way, it provides an important advantage that it eliminates the paint and maintenance costs that are expected to be spent for the exterior. The easy and fast application saves both labor costs and time. The delivery time and labor costs of the job are greatly reduced.

Fibercement Decorative Facade Coating Usage Areas

  • Prefabricated houses,
  • Private and public buildings,
  • Ceiling coverings in interior spaces,
  • Fringes,
  • Exterior surfaces that require a wood and natural stone appearance,
  • Buildings with intense human circulation such as hotels, shopping malls
  • Building columns and column coverings,
  • Historical buildings and monuments,
  • Hidden facade lighting.
  • Garden wall applications that offer a stylish and aesthetic appearance,,
  • Safety retaining walls,
  • Specially designed flower pots and flowerpots to be used in garden landscaping,
  • indoors and outdoors, Advertising signs that facilitate visual integrity on the outer surface of the building,
  • All interior or exterior surfaces that require a decorative appearance.
In all these areas of use, Fibercement HekimBaord decorative coating products can be easily preferred. You can also include HekimBoard signed Fibercement facade products in your projecting works, and you can build flamboyant structures that reflect your style with their flawless features. Contact Hekim Yapı right now and do not miss the special advantages for you!
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