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HekimPor Hollow Block Products
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Pamukkale Hollow Block Products
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In recent years an increase in the application of filler block is observed in our country. A smooth surface is achieved on the ceiling as there is no traditional beam application in filler block application. This is a reason of preference especially in buildings with special installation applications such as business centers and hotels. However, the most important feature of filler block application is to reduce the weight of the building. In connection with this, the seismic load on the building during earthquake is reduced. The cost of load bearing cross-sections is reduced in projects where filler block is used as well as construction of safer buildings are guaranteed in our country which is located on a seismic region.

Advantages of Filler Blocks

  • It is light, minimizes seismic loads of the building.
  • Provides convenience and speed in application. Loss during usage is almost none.
  • Transportation costs are lower as it is lighter than brick.
  • It makes cross-sectional calculations more affordable already in the project phase by reducing the weight of the building. Therefore concrete and iron costs are lowered.
  • Provides heat insulation between the floors.
  • Variations in production are provided with different densities.


The product can be produced in the required density and dimensions from 8-10 density to 30-32 density according to the demand.

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