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Carbon Reinforced EPS Block
HekimPor Carbon Reinforced EPS Blocks
Examine Product
White EPS Block
HekimPor White EPS Blocks
Examine Product

Superior Features

  • Thanks to the reflective feature of the carbon in its contain, it makes 20% better insulation than normal boards.
  • Its λ value is 0,032.
  • Minimum standard production density is 16 kg/m3.
  • Since there are stabilized boards, dimensional stability is stable.
  • It does not contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) gas and its derivatives.
  • Its water vapour permeability is high. (μ 20-40)
  • Thermal resistance is high.
  • It has high pressure resistance > 70 kPa
  • The building does not loss its insulation feature throughout the life of the building.
  • It is E class flame retardant.
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