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41th İstanbul Construction Fair<br />08-12 May 2018 41th İstanbul Construction Fair
08-12 May 2018

The fiber reinforced cement boards used as interior and exterior coating materials all over the World are defined as fibercement board in a general name. The fibercement boards produced by Hekim Yapı A.Ş. since 2004 has gain a powerful ground in the sector with HekimBoard brand and used safely by a wide range of users.

Hekim Yapı which gives great importance to the product diversification studies as of the first day when it has started to its production has started to produce self-colored (from its paste) fibercement boards with HekimColorBoard in the beginning of 2018 as a result of R&D studies for colored fibercement production being applied in a more widespread use area all over the World. These products have been presented to the sector for the first time in 41th Construction Fair organized in 2018.

As well, it has the title of the first fibercement board producer of our country, it has achived the title of first “self-colored fibercement producer” of Turkey as a result of this investment.

HekimColorBoard boards have same technical characteristics and physical strength value with HekimBoard boards in terms of all kinds of physical feature. The self-colored fibercement boards that can be used under all climatic conditions safely are produced with different pattern options such as plain, wood and stone patterns like Hekimboard boards.

As well, HekimColorBoard boards allow obtaining the desired decorative view on the facades and will provide significant savings in facade applications.

Superior Features

HekimColorBoard Superior Features


It is a Class A1 anti-flammable structure material in accordance with TS EN 13501-1 standard.


It does not lead to emissions of gas harmful for humans and environment in case of a fire.


HekimColorBoard boards are made of colored dough, and have the same texture and color on exterior and interior surfaces.


It is not affected by climate thanks to its water-repellent feature.


It does not require painting.


Enables creation of flawless interşaced details. They are applied with a state of art technology and uninterrupted ventilation system.


Increases insulation effect with the ventilated system lies in the installation details.


Reduced humidity. Prevents organic formations such as molding, fungus, etc.


Provides high energy efficiency and environmental awareness with its performance in sound and thermal insulation.


Increases durability and value of the structures.


Enables many different appearances using a single system.


Maintains a vibrant look thanks to superior UV resistance.


Offers freedom of design with a variety of pattern and color options.


Provides protection for the buildings with its high resistance strength.


Enables quick and easy installation thanks to open joints and light weight.

Technical Characteristics

HekimColorBoard Technical Characteristics

Title Value
Product Definition: Self-colored cellulose fiber reinforced cement and silicate based autoclave board
Product Type and Category: NT Type, A Category (TS EN 12467+A2)
Surface Appearance: Plain – Patterned (Marble effect-top coat painted)
Dimension Tolerance Level: Level 1
Material Specification: It can be processed with natural stone processing tools, resistant to all weather conditions.
Standard Dimensions: 1250×2500 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Length / Width Tolerance: ± 5 mm
Thickness Tolerance (e:board thickness): Plain: ± %10e, Patterned: - %10e / +%15e
Reaction to Fire Class: A1 class incombustible (TS EN 13501-1)

Quality Certificates

HekimColorBoard Quality Certificates

HekimColorBoard TSI Certificate


First Self-Colored Fibercement Board Producer of Turkey: Hekim Yapı A.Ş.

The facades are the first and catchy definitive feature of every building. The siding facade system with mechanical assembly is a protective envelope for buildings. HekimColorBoard which provides an aesthetic appearance to the buildings provides many superior features not only in terms of architecture but also in technical terms. It is also preferred with its advantages on fast assembly, security and energy efficiency. Hekim Yapı aims to provide added value to the national economy in siding facade systems category with HekimColorBoard. As alternative to the import materials, it will eliminate foreign dependency with domestic production and in addition, will contribute positively to the national economy by exporting self-colored fibercement to every region of the World.

A1 Class Incombustible

Self-Colored Fibercement Incombustible Test 🔥 HekimColorBoard

HekimColorBoard with A1 class Incombustibility certificate has proved its durability. In despite of the self-colored fibercement board in 10 mm thickness was exposed to 600°C in the durability test at 42th Construction Fair stand. What is A1 Class Incombustibility? A1 class incombustibility certificate is the highest level of incombustibility certificate among building materials. The product which we have used for test was HekimColorBoard Ash Grey product in 10mm thickness.

Usage Areas

Usage Areas of Self-Colored Fibercement Boards

The self-colored fibercement boards are used as internal and external coating material in all kinds of building,decorative building material in interior spaces, ceiling covering material and coating material at details such as soffit and wall coping. While achieving the stylish look you are looking for with HekimBoard self-colored and top coat painted fibercement boards produced with the assurance of Hekim Yapı A.Ş. within the structure of Hekim Holding known as steady, 30 yıldır sektörde istikrarlı, consistent and reliable in the sector since 30 years, you can use your buildings safely for many years.
  • As a coating material for siding facades
  • As a decorative coating element in interior spaces
  • As soffit and soffit front coating material
  • As a composite element with various coating materials
  • As ceiling coating material
  • As interior and exterior coating material in all types of buildings
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