Fibercement Coating

What is Fibercement Façade Coating?

Autoclaved fibercement coating products are cellulose fiber reinforced cement based board that have superior qualities that can be used in all structure surfaces. Fibercement façade coating boards produced under HekimBoard brand are completely made of natural materials, and are human and environment friendly. Thicknesses of fibercement products depend on the surface to be applied, project details and needs.

How Should Façade Coating Products Be?

The biggest expectations from façade coating products are their capability to give a visual richness to the façade as well as protect and strengthen the structure against internal-external impacts. Standing out among various structure coating products used for façade coating, fibercement coating materials increase quality utilization life of structures and extend their structural service life. Life spaces having their surfaces coated with fibercement products make contribution to the financial valeus of the buildings with the comfort they offer. Fibercement coating products can be formed on façades in desired shapes, thus they have become an indispensible product of façade coating industry in the recent years. Fibercement coating products take place in projects as a class A1 non-combustible construction material used particularly as window jambs.

Why Fibercement Coating?

Superior features of fibercement products can be listed as follows;

1. Fibercement’s Water Reaction
Fibercement products demontstrate a high resistance against water thanks to the production process and product content. Cement and micronized quartz content enable a good water resistance. This structural feature also make fibercement products water-proof.

2. Fire resistance of Fibercement Structure Coating System
In addition to water-proofness and high water resistance; another reason of preference is the class A1 anti-flammability feature which is sought particularly in public areas, collective residences. It has been a product preference in the recent years as it doesn’t ignite in case of a potential fire, does not release toxic gasses during fire and prevents progress of fire.

3. Energy Savings Gained by Fibercement
The most superior feature of fibercement is the thermal conductance value. It provides an energy efficiency almost as good as a thermal insulation material, providing a significant energy savings if used in conjunction with insulation products depending on the region. Undoubtedly; energy saving is the first and most important step to take in order to reduce and eliminate both individual expenses and dependency on foreign sources as the entire society. Fibercement is preferred as a unique coating material for a sustainable energy saving as well as for its other superior features.

4. Robustness and Long Service Life of Fibercement
Fibercement, one of the most robust façade coating materials, is resistant against all climate conditions thanks to cement content and homogenous rigid structure, has a long service life with a high resistance against wearing, and does not promote insect growth. It lasts with quality on structure surface throughout the life of structure in line with the natural service life of the structures.

5. Fibercement for an Aesthetic Façade
Fibercement boards can be produced with various surface texture and pattern, thus they can easily provide desired visual effect.
It can be applied in harmony with modern and classical façade designs, and it is the most ideal and useful material to realize distinct façade designs as they allow processing.

6. Maintenance-Free and Paintable
Another superior feature of fibercement coating products over other surface coating products is their capability of maintaining technical and visual properties without requiring maintenance for long periods. Additionally, they offer freedom of painting desired area or surface in any color using water-based exterior façade paint as they can be painted in multiple layers.

7. Cost
One of the most important aspects of fibercement coating products is their positive cost-benefit outcome in favor of the user. In addition to their workmanship and time savings compared to other classic coating products, space saving in the structure gained by products in 10-12 mm thickness as well as savings and high added value offered to the end user make them the first choice in structure coating material.

8. R&D Operations
Having initiated the first organizational fibercement R&D operations in Turkey in line with the industry’s demands and architectural demands, Hekim Yapı commenced production and use of elastic products for coating of elliptic surfaces on façades thanks to R&D work. Our company developed decorative stone textured products in early 2018, adding new surface appearances to its production scale in line with demands of construction industry every year.

If we take a general look at the areas of use; they can be used on any structure surface, façade systems, under composite coating, under wooden coating surfaces, as finishing layer in all ventilated façade systems, on wet surfaces, soffit applications, and as finishing layer on raised floors without needing any top product.

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