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HEKIM YAPI ENDUSTRISI SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., an affiliate of HEKIM HOLDING was founded by Dr. Oner HEKIM in 2001 with the target of producing cement based siding material. After the works are concluded it was observed that fiber cement plate is the most developed product used around the world for this purpose and thus work resumed in the way of producing fiber cement plates.

Establishment of second production line started with a new know-how license purchased from the Italian SIM s.r.l. inm the direction of the decision to increase capacity in 2007 and this new plant started production in full capacity in September 2008. HEKIM YAPI, financing both production lines by its own resources brought modern facilities to our country, has a total annual production capacity of 80.000 m³ fiber cement plate in its two production facilities established on 206 acres with 50.000 m² closed area in Adapazari-Hendek 2nd organized Industrial zone. Our production capacity is 125.000 m³/year.

Currently there are three main product groups in the fiber cement product range of HEKIM YAPI. These are: Large fiber cement plates produced with HEKIMBOARD brand, fiber cement folded clapboard plates produced with TURKSIDING brand and FIBER CEMENT LAM (laminate) plates covered with cellulose or PET based foil. HEKIM YAPI, pioneering the building sector with the production of fiber cement plates which have many superior features, is the first company to produce autoclaved fiber cement plate.

Besides all these, HEKIM YAPI has fulfilled three new investments in 2011. One of these is EPS and rock wool insulated sandwich panel plant. Roof and wall panel in various types and measurements up to 1250 mm in width and 16 m in length are produced in this facility which has a production capacity of 4.000.000 m²/year. Rock wool filled press panel production is also available in the same plant. HEKIM YAPI’s second investment is the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) plant, having a production capacity of 500.000 m³/year. High quality white or carbonaceous EPS block, plate and injection products are produced in this facility. Capacity increase operation has started in this plant which is endowed with the latest technology, in 2012. The third investment is “EPS insulated pressed panel” production line. 1000 pieces of EPS filled panel between two fiber cement plates are produced a day in this production line.

HEKIM YAPI ENDUSTRISI SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. established fully with own capital will continue to be one of the corporations assuming an important role in carrying our country to the future with its strong infrastructure, large expert staff and most importantly with the mission to constantly work in order to get our country among developed countries and being a leader in new technologies.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide that Hekim Yapi moniker identifies with the concepts of innovation, reliability, leadership and quality in the sectors where all Hekim Yapi products are, by following the developments in Turkey and world building sector closely and working research-oriented.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To have an exemplary place which produces plus values beneficial to humanity, nature and future generations as the implementer of quality in building products industry.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Being scientific and inquisitive Sharing knowledge Respecting the environment Being honest and genial Respecting the natural life Respecting every opinion Protecting Corporate Identity Customer and quality oriented management Working with team spirit Farsightedness that will produce technology Being open to innovation and being and entrepreneur

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Customer Satisfaction Management System ISO 10002

As Hekim Yapi A.S, in the products, services and all suchlike activities we offer in the building materials sector which we carry on our activities as a production company; "we undertake to establish better relations with our customers in the direction of the requests we receive; resolve the complaints conveyed to us in a short time to strengthen the communication between us, on condition that we will abide by the legal legislations, consider economic conditions and include our employees and stakeholders to the process; develop our product and service quality in the direction of fundamental principals listed below.”

  • A. Accessibility: Applications can be made to marketing and sales department.
  • B. Transparency: Applications can be made via the phone / fax numbers of the marketing and sales department or the website.
  • C. Responsiveness: We will get back to you by fax, phone and/or e-mail after receiving your application.
  • D. Objectivity: Applications are evaluated in a fair and unbiased way.
  • E. Confidentiality: Information received from the applicant is not delivered to any department or third parties.
  • F. Customer orientation: We pay the utmost attention to meet the expectations and protecting the rights of our customer in a short time within the frame of our company policy and legal legislations.
  • G. Accountability: Applications are evaluated and replies are given in a short time.
  • H. Fee: No fee is demanded from the applicant when application is evaluated.
  • İ. Continuous Improvement: With the continuous improvement philosophy, we aim to do the best we can to manage the process better by accepting each customer complaint as an opportunity for R&D.

Customer Complaints Assessment

Corporate Customer Complaints Assessment

As Hekim YAPI AS our primary goal in the insulation sector that we serve is to transform all of the suggestions and dissatisfactions of our customers, which they can convey easily through our 0850 201 0 493 numbered line and other communication ways, regarding the process of handling our products, activities and requests from our customers within the frame of legal conditions and HEKIM YAPI AS company policies and without compromising from impartiality, objectivity, accessibility by the end user and our dealers, confidentiality and principals of TS ISO 10002. In the direction of our goal, we undertake to realize the required improvement work to prevent repetition of dissatisfactions with an approach that is focused on unconditional customer satisfaction and within the cycle of planning, application, supervision and continuous improvement.

Customer Complaints Assessment Procedure

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Customer Complaint Process

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Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility Management Policy

Taking action with “people comes first” principle in every production link of the quality product chain extending from our suppliers to our customers is under assurance of Hekim Yapi End. San Ve Tic. A.S.

As Hekim Yapi Family We Undertake To:

Comply With the Laws and Other Obligations: Ensure that our existing systems are current in the light of laws and regulations by observing the related laws and regulations in force, closely.

Prevent Discrimination: Evaluate our employees and candidates according to their ability to do work and arrange their salaries and promotions in this direction regardless of language, religion, race, ethnicity, pregnancy, marital status or gender.

Provide Salary: Determine salaries of our colleagues in a way not be below minimum wage specified by the laws and pay the salaries on time.

Conform to Work Hours: Arrange working hours in accordance with the laws and legislations in effect and conform to voluntary basis in overtime working, on condition to be within the frame stipulated by occupational health and safety legislation.

Ensure Health and Safety in the Work Environment: Pursue a policy which reduces risk of accidents by means of improving points which constitute risks through risk analyses, ensure participation of all employees to occupational health and safety implementations and adopt an understanding which prioritize heath of our employees.

Not to Employ Children: Not to employ workers below 18 years of age other than educational purposes (summer training etc.).

Not to Indulge in Forced and Involuntary Labor: Not to employ forced, involuntarily or unwilling workers bind by contracts, down-payments etc.

Apply Environment and Environmental Safety: Effectively implement our waste management plans prepared in the direction of legal legislations, prevent environmental pollution based on extent of affect on the environment and reducing pollution by distinguishing it at the source.

Provide Social Activity: Reinforce the ties between our employees and administrative personnel, carrying out various social activities to obtain higher efficiency from our employees.

Ensure Management Systems: Provide continuity of social conformity, Occupational Health and Work Safety, Quality and Environmental management systems by continuously improving them.

Our HSE Policy

Our Corporate HSE Policy

Above all, we predicate on our employees working in a healthy and safe environment befitting contemporary civilization level in all production phases performed in Hekim Yapi A.S. facilities. We pursue legal, social, hygienic and ergonomic conditions to achieve this and develop and apply protective precautions from injuries and illnesses to determine and reduce our risks to acceptable levels. We convey the precautions throughout the company structure and provide their continuity. We train, inform or supervise the related persons against risks and continously improve our Occupational Health and Safety system.

Our Environment Policy

Our Corporate Environment Policy

Protect our environment, keep Environmental impacts under control by observing environmental codes and all other requirements in order to prevent pollution and to ensure its sustainability, mitigate those impacts and continuously improve our environmental performance, facilitate this awareness in all our operations together with our employees integrally, ensure a sustainable improvement and leave a habitable, clean environment for future generations.

HEKİM YAPI END. SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. takes ISO14001 standard as a basis in order to strengthen environmental approach and meet the expectations of the relevant parties; the activities we are going to carry out to realize our policy shall be fullfiling all legal requirements in respect to environmental aspects as well as relevant party and customer requirements in order to ensure continuous development and improvement.

Utilize suitable technologies that have minimum impact on the environment to the extent possible within technical and economical limits to minimize climate change impacts, and utilize natural resources that make contribution to sustainability in order to ensure protection of biodiversity and ecosystem.

Identify our objectives taking environmental impact into consideration in plant and process design, Improve our environmental management system as part of continuous improvement of our environmental performance, inform all our employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders in respect to our responsibilities towards environment and ensure their participation.

Maintain a continuous communication and cooperation throughout the chain starting from our suppliers to our customers in order to improve environmental impact of our products, and help raising awareness on the environment.

As part of the life cycle, reduce all wastes that may arise from production, transportation, stocking, operation, treatment and maintenance at the point of origin and segregate them by type, utilize paper cardboards as raw material and make contribution to the nature, ensure recovery, make use of recycling alternatives and demonstrate our environmental consideration.

All of our employees are responsible for implementation and continuous improvement of out environmental policy.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

Reaching success in the building sector that is ever-developing is only possible through continous renewal of our company, development and contribution of our employees.

Our aim is to take the motivation and creativity of our employees to the top in order for our company to reach its targets and provide career development opportunities to our employees. We are carrying out the investments for the processes that will provide customer oriented approach and we develop new organizational models and implement them.

Please send your CV to email address for your work applications to Hekim Yapı A.Ş.

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