What is Jacketing?

Jacketing, as the name speaks for itself, means covering building exterior surfaces with insulation materials. In other words, it is the process applied to prevent heat transfer between environments having different temperatures.

Founded in year 2001 with the main objective of producing exterior and interior façade coating materials for construction industry, Hekim Yapı A.Ş. also provides insulation and other auxiliary materials demanded by jacketing companies in addition to the façade coating materials to the construction industry. Hekim Yapı A.Ş. is a leading company of the industry that has a rapidly rising brand value, producing many main insulation products at 2 different locations in 6 different factories.

The company meets the quality material demand of the industry with its jacketing products conforming to high quality and standards in addition to the other construction materials available in its product range.

How is Jacketing Performed?

Jacketing and EPS Product Variety

4 different products are used in EPS group.

  • Carbon EPS is used as jacketing product on the exterior façades. Product thickness to be preferred on exterior façades should not be less than 5 cm and product density should not be less than 15DNS per jacketing law. Hekim Yapı has two different product brands and types in this class, namely HekimPor Karbonlu and HekimPor Karaelmas .
  • White EPS is used on interior surfaces. Different densities and thicknesses can be chosen depending on insulation requirement. Hekim Yapı has two different products in white EPS class, namely HekimPor Beyaz and HekimPor Pamukkale.
  • Product to be used in foundations and between floors is called Hollow Block. Hollow block products are for rather filling purposes, and their densities and dimensions vary depending on project requirements.
  • EPS insulation products to be used for ceilings are moulded ceiling EPS boards which are injection products. Ceiling coating boards produced using injection method in various moulds are produced in two different dimensions of 625x625mm and 500x500mm and with 6 different surface patterns at Hekim Yapı group.
  • Corrugated panel base boards in two different forms for roof coating are also included in Hekim Yapı product variety.

Advantages of Product Variety

In addition to production of exterior façade products known as carbon EPS for jacketing companies, Hekim Yapı has a product scale to supply all needs of the industry from a single location with hollow block and white EPS products used between floors and indoor surfaces. Production of decorative ceiling injection products used for ceiling coating and corrugated plates used under roof covers enable a wide product range

Jacketing Material Selection

A qualified workmanship and correct materials that have correct detail solutions should be employed in interior and exterior façade coating applications in accordance with jacketing laws and current statutes. Attention must be paid to the TSE certificate, inspection documents of the purchased product, certification of workmanship and the documents of proof that other auxiliary materials are supplied from reliable, trusted sources and they conform to the standards.

Selection of Jacketing Company

Wide range of jacketing prices available in the market can be confusing and deceiving. Low cost under the counter productions and flammable jacketing products chosen with financial concerns damage the trust in jacketing products. Company selection should be based on conformity of their productions to the statutes, their reliability and recognition, and references of the companies should be verified. Many under the counter, out of standard productions and applications damage reputability of other products. Hekim Yapı released structure jacketing and external façade coating products having the highest quality at the most affordable prices since its foundation thanks to its strong profile, reliable organization and support of Hekim Holding. Customer satisfaction, quality management system certificates are assurance of this reliability and quality. Having an indispensible principle of continuous and unconditional quality, Hekim Yapı fills the gaps in jacketing industry with the highest quality EPS injection products, special design and custom sized ceiling coating materials, high density carbon nd white block production for jambs and other decorative applications. Note that; jacketing provides an additional insulation for the buildings, offering significant energy savings. Interior and exterior façade jacketing applications that are considered as the initial cost pay themselves off within few years with the energy savings.

Why HekimPor?

The products under HekimPor brand which have been renowned for their quality in a short period; offer leading products that are widely chosen in the industry thanks to high and fast production capacity, state of art production and cutting lines. Company continues to serve the industry with its after-sales services and support units in line with the quality concept.
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