Structure Coating

HekimBoard Structure Coating

Several different materials are used in coating products applied to protect structure elements against external factors and to give visual effects. These products which can be applied to almost all sections of the structures including exterior façades, interior surfaces, floors and ceilings increase the value of structures and extend their service lives.

HekimBoard As Structure Coating Material

The most sought feature in Structure Coating materials are ease of application and a wide field of application. Hekimboard is a very robust material thanks to cellulosic fiber and cement content, and can be used in any part of a structure since it can be easily processed. Boards for exterior use are resistant against all climate conditions and external factors due to their contents, and allows you to achieve desired visual richness on the exteriors. Boards for interior sections can be easily worked, and are often used on interior and partition walls. Our laminate coated boards offer a longer service life as wall coating and in wet areas compared to most other coating products. In particular, our boards in 18 and 20 mm thickness are used as floor covering in steel structures as they have high load bearing capacities, and ensure a superior thermal and sound insulation. Hekimboard Fibercement which can also be used as ceiling cover for interior areas since they are light and workable, and increases value of structures and extend their service lives.

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