Exterior Façade Coating

Aesthetic Key of Structures, Exterior Façade Coatings

Growth volume of construction industry and rapid rising of quality standards in our country in the last 10 years have increased investments in the industry and raised structure quality. In particular, architecture companies have improved themselves in this field and created astonishing designs.Visual richness in architectural designs is the most significant feature that increases value and prestige of the structure. Exterior façades which are the aesthetic key of the buildings are the parts that get the attention at first and best reflect the structure quality. Increase in attributes of materials used in exterior façade coating systems resulted in not only a good visuality but also long life, availability and insulation features.

Hekimboard Fibercement Exterior Façade Coatings, The New Prestigious Face of Your Building

Fibercement technology developed as a result of search for materials meeting today’s requirements in exterior façade coatings is able to offer number of superior features in single material. It is water resistant, has superior thermal and water insulation performance, does not contain asbestos and is homogenous with a fibrous structure. It can be processed and formed like a fabric on your exterior façades. Belly lines, jambs, soffit coatings which are the most decorative elements of exterior façades can be produced using Hekimboard fibercement exterior façade coating boards that can be easily cut and painted in desired colors. Visual richness of your exterior building façades is only limited to your imagination with Hekimboard.

Advantages of Exterior Façade Coating Applications

  • Façade coatings applied on exteriors wrap the building like a shell.
  • Coating on exterior surface protects the building against external impacts.
  • Increasing thickness of coating materials to be used on exterior façades enable thermal savings.
  • Exterior Façade Coatings have long life.

Where To Apply Exterior Façade Coatings?

Exterior façade coating applications are performed on areas where problems such as molding, humidity occurs as well as on interior surfaces where swellings are observed.
It can also be applied to the sections of buildings where cracks have occurred and resistance is weakened.
Furthermore, exterior façade coating can be applied to any type of building including houses, collective housing complexes, public and administrative buildings where thermal and sound insulation is required.

What are the Points of Consideration in Fibercement Exterior Façade Coating?

  • Only Hekimboard outdoor boards produces specifically for exterior façade coating should be used. The most significant attribute of outdoor boards is that they are produced usinf special formulae suitable for outdoor atmosphere conditions.
  • It is recommended to leave a 20 – 30 mm air gap between Hekimboard fibercement board and insulation materials in applications for exterior façade coatings.
  • Levhaların konstrüksiyona montaj sırasında kesinlikle paslanmaz veya galvanizli özel vidalar kullanılmalılarak dış cephe kaplama sistemleri oluşturulmalıdır.
  • Stainless steel or galvanized special screws must be used for installation of the boards to the construction when maing exterior façade coating.
  • One of the most important features of Hekimboard fibercement boards is the wall systems that are practical and enable time saving. Static calculations must be carried out taking application location and conditions into account when forming walls.
  • Level differences must be avoided at board junctions.
  • After installation, screw heads must be covered using acrylic paste and left to dry, and then sanded.
  • The last stage of Hekimboard fibercement board installation is to do paint finish using water based outdoor façade painting.
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