Façade Coating

HekimBoard Distinction in Façade Coating

One of the fastest growing industries around the world and particularly in developing countries, construction industry, accelerated in our country in the recent years, and Turkey has now become a country that exports structure technologies and materials abroad. Investments to this rapidly growing industry have increased, and the escalating competition led to new product and solution search. Increasing energy demand, high cost of energy resources and dependence on foreign sources increased the search of new solutions particularly in energy saving area, and began to play a significant role in the industry.

Siding systems which are often used on structures for energy saving are applied on exterior façades of buildings using various methods, and ensure thermal and sound insulation for houses and offices. In addition to providing a higher comfort for housing environments, they also give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the buildings. Furthermore, they increase protective strength to exterior façades of buildings against external impacts. Exterior façade coating is a requirement to extend life of your building, maintain its value and ensure a healthy and comfortable life space.

Class A1 Non-Combustable Fibercement Façade Coating
Hekimboard brand fibercement façade coating boards produced by Hekim Yapı quickly took place in siding system industry, and are being used for exterior façade coatings, interior surface coating, floor coating and ceiling coating of many structures for over 10 years. Class A1 non-combustible Hekimboard fibercement façade coating products made completely from natural materials are free of substances harmful on health and are environmentally-friendly. Fibercement boards are inherently resistant against water and humidity.

One of the most important features of façade coating products, visual richness is offered by the wide variety of Hekimboard fibercement products. A natural and modern façade appearance is one of the most important factors playing role in material choice. Ease of installation, maintenance-free nature and paintability in any color are the major reasons for choosing Hekimboard fibercement exterior façade coating boards in the industry.

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