European Passport to Hekim Yapı with CE Marking

HEKIM YAPI, making difference with innovativeness in the production of facade siding material, has received CE Marking for HEKIMPOR branded EPS thermal insulation sheets. HEKIMPOR EPS sheets, in 10 kg/m³ density, approved by European Union criteria are proven to be environmentally safe.

An affiliated company of Hekim Holding, HEKIM YAPI’s HEKIMPOR branded EPS insulation and packaging products were approved for CE Marking. HEKİMPOR’s 10 kg/m³ density, low weight EPS thermal insulation and filler materials (asmolen) were awarded with CE Marking as a result of compression strength, compressive stress and reaction to fire tests.
Sheet thickness was reduced by 10% and strengths were tested in compressive stress test of HEKIMPOR sheets. Sheets revealed mechanical strength against short and long term loads as a result of the test. Shear, bending and tensile strengths against short and long term loads were examined in compressive strength test. HEKIMPOR samples were exposed to flame application for 15 seconds in reaction to fire test and combustion was not observed.

“HEKIM YAPI succeeds in works making a difference in the insulation sector since it is established. We are one of the leading companies in our sector that use technology effectively. Our innovative products such as HEKIMPOR branded EPS insulation and packaging products are significant indicator of this. We are also very sensitive to energy saving and environmental pollution. Our eco-friendly HEKIMPOR products providing high thermal insulation and not losing its insulation value within time were awarded CE Marking with these properties and as a result of tests carried out. We will increase our competetive power in the international area with CE Marking” stated Fatih Ulusoy, HEKIM YAPI General Coordinator.

HEKIMPOR EPS sheets can be used in the insulation of roofs and interior-exterior walls and foundations, exterior insulation of subterranean exterior walls, insulation of ground concretes, insulation of curtain walls, columns and beams, insulation of terrace roofs of all kinds of buildings, in refrigiration plants, commercial warehouses, light prefabricated buildings elements and in roof and wall insulation of poultry houses and ovine and cattle farms.

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