16 March 2020 | Corporate News | 85 Imaging

The state committee of Kyrgyzstan has visited Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone

The state committee invited by Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and coming from Kyrgyzstan have visited Hekim Yapı facilities.

The state committee invited by Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and coming from Kyrgyzstan is also in touch with Hekim Yapı A.Ş. during its 2nd Organized Industrial Zone visit.

During the trips that Hendek MajorTurgut Babaoğlu, District Head of MHP Hendek Burhan Namlı and council members accompany; the history, culture, social and economic condition of Hendek were relayed to the committee. Kyrgyzstan committee have gone to Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone lastly after all day long trips. Kyrgyzstan’s Kara Kulca Mayor Primberdi Dıykanov, TÜRKSOY Kyrgyzstan Country Representative Kojogeldi Kuluev, famous composer and singer, Principal of Mukaş Abdraev State Music School İsiradin Amanbayev, Kyrgyzstan District Head of Education Abdurasul Abdıkadırov, Kyrgyzstan Head of Culture İrkamil Turganbayev, Kara Kulca Head of Water Affairs Administration Cumabay Toktosunov and Anarbay Idırısov from Kyrgyzstan state committee, Kara Kulca District Head of Village Administration Çolponkul Alişov and businessman Kutmanbek Kalakunov have taken part in the committee coming from Kyrgyzstan.

TÜRKSOY, Kyrgyzstan country representative Kojogeldi Kuluev who have spoken in the program have introduced the committee and have said that “Osh city was announced the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World in 2019. It was planned to welcome Kara Kulca in Turkey during the ceremonies organized in that year. We are very happy to be here. We thank you”. The mayor Primberdi Dıykanov have said that “We brought you greetings from the Kyrgyz lands. Turkey is our blood, soul and brother” in his speech. Dıykanov has introduced Kyrgyzstan in the last part of his speech.

The committee welcomed by 2nd OSB Deputy Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Hekim and OSB Manager Hıdır Erkoçak have visited Hekim Yapı factory after 2nd OSB trip.

Hekim Yapı Facility Manager and 2nd OSB Deputy Chairman of the Board Hüseyin HEKİM who have welcomed to the committee have said that “Welcome to Hekim Yapı production facilities, Sakarya and our country. We see you as our brother. We feel honoured to welcome you here on behalf of both myself and my fellow countrymen. I hereby convey my greetings and respect to our friendly nation and brother countries, royal sons and cognates of all Turkish nation all over the World”.

The committee visiting Hekim Yapı facilities; have get general information on Hekim Yapı products, R-D studies and facilities and have examined here. It was noted that various studies will be carried out for the further development of trade between the two countries.

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