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Hekim Yapı’s 14th Dealer Meeting is Held

Hekim Yapı meets with dealers in a splendid organization this year just like every year.

Leading and steering the industry since its foundation without compromising on the standards and quality, Hekim Yapı A.Ş. Held the 14th of its traditional annual Dealer Meeting at Limak Kıbrıs Deluxe Hotel with a splendid organization between 21-24 February, 2019 dates.

The most significant feature of Limak Kıbrıs Deluxue Hotel hosting this year’s Dealer Meeting, is use of HekimBoard class A1 non-combustible autoclaved fibercement natural cement boards in most interior and exterior parts of the hotel structure. The meeting held at this design hotel with Hekimboard application with attendance of more than 100 dealers from in and out of country.

The first day of the organization took start with a Welcome Meeting cocktail with attendance of dealers and Hekim Yapı employees. Workshop and Field Trip is held on the second day, followed by darts, foosball and backgammon tournaments to break ice.

The main meeting held on the third day of the organization started with Hekim Holding Board of Directors Chairman Mr. Öner Hekim‘s welcome speech and a briefing on the new HekimColor brand colored boards included in the product range as well as subsequent term projections.

Hekim Holding Board of Directors Member, Technical Vice Chairman in Charge of Structure Materials Ms. Özge Hekim gave information about the new HekimColor product as well as product details in her speech.

Hekim Yapı Marketing and Sales Coordinator Mr. Abdullah Yaylı demonstrated figures and chartsi, and nformed dealers about sales and marketing activities, social events, promotion and advertisement efforts carried out in year 2018, general standing and 2019 projections. Abdullah Yaylı stated thay a great emphasis was given particularly on export and successful results were achieved, and export activities would be accelerated in 2019.

Ms. Rüzgâr Mira Okan also gave a speech titled “People Talk Behind Leading Brands” at Hekim Yapı’s 14th Dealers Meeting which dealers listened in great interest and attention.
Afterwards, Hekim Holding Board of Directors Chairman Mr. Öner HEKİM, Hekim Holding Board of Directors Members and Hekim Yapı managerspresented awards to the dealers who achieved a degree in various categories.

After the main meeting held on the last day, Hekim Yapı Dealers enjoyed a memorable music feast with performance of Serap Saray in the first part of the show, followed by popular artist Sevcan Orhan‘s stage performance in the second part of the night.

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