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Twin Villa Project


About the Project

General Information About Twin Villa Project

As Hekim Yapı, we serve many parts of the world with our durable and aesthetically designed products. In all of these projects, we mainly benefit from building materials we produce on our own. Thanks to the materials we choose by taking into account factors such as weather, climate and terrain conditions, our products turns the façades drawn with dreams into reality.

HekimColorBoard Suits Well for Iceland

Twin villa project with 587 m2 usable area constructed and assembled in Reykjavik city, capital of Iceland, was completed by using HekimColorBoard self-colored fiber cement exterior cladding boards. There were two main reasons for choosing fiber cement coating for this challenging city where the temperature is around 10 degrees even in summer. The first is the high durability of the fiber cement material against all weather conditions. The second is the aesthetic value it adds to the building when applied correctly.

Why Do We Use Fiber Cement in Our Most Important Projects?

Fiber cement is a material that facilitates work in many aspects. Fiber cement, which can be called as fiber reinforced cement board in its simplest form, consists of transformation of natural fibers, micronized silica and cement into plates in a special machine. HekimColorBoard self-colored fiber cement is used to create extremely reliable and stylish surfaces, just like the ICeland example.

Produced to support different designs, HekimColorBoard exterior cladding boards have a wooden surface texture with A1-class incombustibility feature and a collection of off-white, ash gray, smoke gray, anthracite, beige, milky brown, orange and brick colors. Thanks to this wide range, it is an extremely useful model that completes many designs. Another product, Striped is produced to complement the spaces that do not need a wooden texture with the simplicity of its design although it has the same features and colors as Wood. The last model of the series, Stone is preferred with its natural stone pattern to both protect the façades and to capture an aesthetic appearance.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: Reykjavik -

Total Project Area: 587 m2

Project Date: May 2020 - December 2020

Project Status: Completed

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