Batimat 2009

Batimat 2009

Paris, France

We, Hekim Yapı End. San. Ve Tic. A .S., participated in BATIMAT 2009 in France which is a biyearly organization and one of the most important international exhibitions in 2009.
2.779 participants from 48 countries attended the exhibition organized on November 02-07, 2009 and approximately 500.000 people from 141 countries visited the exhibition. Our products received high attention in the exhibition carried out on roughly 135.000m2, in 7 halls. We especially had many meetings with potential customers coming from Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Gulf region and the Middle East.
The main concept of the exhibition was sustainable, environment-friendly bioclimatic green products providing energy saving. Tomorrow’s creative products and designs were at the forefront.
Russia was introduced as the guest country this year and Maghreb countries of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia were the main countries we concentrated on in this exhibition.