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Our Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy

Our Corporate Environment Policy

Our environmental policy is to leave a clean and habitable environment to future generations by conforming to environmental legislation and regulations to protect the environment and provide its permanence, continuously improving our environmental performance by keeping the environmental effects under control and reducing them and substantiating this awareness with all of the production activity, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection as a whole.
The activities that we will undertake as HEKIM YAPI END. SAN. VE TIC. A.S. to accomplish our policy are listed as below:
Ensuring continuous development and improvement by providing all legal and customer requirements in terms of environmental aspects.
Ensuring preservation of natural resources by reducing use of raw materials by means of using proper technologies within the frame of technical and economic facilities that harm the environment minimally.
To consider environmental factors in designing facilities and processes.
Developing our environment management system in the direction to continuously improve our environmental performance.
Raising awareness of our subcontractors and local public about all our work regarding our responsibilities to the environment and provide their participation.
Contributing to raise environmental awareness by being in continuous communication and collaboration from our suppliers to our customers for the improvement of environmental effects of our products.
Reducing the wastes which may compose as a result of production, transportation, stocking, operation, refinement and maintenance activities and separating them according to their kinds; contributing to the nature, ensuring recycling of waste papers and evaluating recycling options by using waste papers as raw materials.
Constituting integrity of health, safety and environment by reducing emergency risks within the frame of rules of occupational health and safety.