Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility Management Policy

Taking action with “people comes first” principle in every production link of the quality product chain extending from our suppliers to our customers is under assurance of Hekim Yapi End. San Ve Tic. A.S.
As Hekim Yapi Family We Undertake To;
Comply With the Laws and Other Obligations: Ensure that our existing systems are current in the light of laws and regulations by observing the related laws and regulations in force, closely.
Prevent Discrimination: Evaluate our employees and candidates according to their ability to do work and arrange their salaries and promotions in this direction regardless of language, religion, race, ethnicity, pregnancy, marital status or gender.
Provide Salary: Determine salaries of our colleagues in a way not be below minimum wage specified by the laws and pay the salaries on time.
Conform to Work Hours: Arrange working hours in accordance with the laws and legislations in effect and conform to voluntary basis in overtime working, on condition to be within the frame stipulated by occupational health and safety legislation.
Ensure Health and Safety in the Work Environment: Pursue a policy which reduces risk of accidents by means of improving points which constitute risks through risk analyses, ensure participation of all employees to occupational health and safety implementations and adopt an understanding which prioritize heath of our employees.
Not to Employ Children: Not to employ workers below 18 years of age other than educational purposes (summer training etc.).
Not to Indulge in Forced and Involuntary Labor: Not to employ forced, involuntarily or unwilling workers bind by contracts, down-payments etc.
Apply Environment and Environmental Safety: Effectively implement our waste management plans prepared in the direction of legal legislations, prevent environmental pollution based on extent of affect on the environment and reducing pollution by distinguishing it at the source.
Provide Social Activity: Reinforce the ties between our employees and administrative personnel, carrying out various social activities to obtain higher efficiency from our employees.
Ensure Management Systems: Provide continuity of social conformity, Occupational Health and Work Safety, Quality and Environmental management systems by continuously improving them.