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Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s 10th Dealers Meeting

Hekim Yapı A.Ş. heralded that Polyurethane foam sandwich panel facility will be commissioned in the second half of 2015.

Hekim Yapı A.Ş. will possess one of the most advanced sandwich panel production lines of Europe and our country with its investments and comprehensive initiatives it actualized.

Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s 10th Dealer Meeting was held between March 5 and 8, 2015 in the Merit Royal Premium / Kyrenia, Cyprus. Hekim Yapı A.Ş. has hosted almost 170 guests with the participation of esteemed business partners coming from homeland and abroad.
This year, again innovations and investments were mentioned in the dealers meeting, which is raised each year to an upper level by Hekim Yapı A.Ş.
Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s 10th dealers meeting has lasted 4 days in Merit Royal Premium in Kyrenia; in the program flow of the meeting, the first day, the Application Workshop with innovations theme took place and the day ended with a welcome cocktail.The next day: the Kyrenia Cultural Trip; The Communication Components Training with the theme: things we failed to notice; the award-winning Tangram Competition and the Backgammon Tournament were held; the night of nostalgia filled with pleased hours at the end of the day.
Dr. Öner Hekim, Chairman of the Board of Hekim Holding, members of the Board of Directors, and Senior Executives, employeesand all dealers will take their places in the meeting hall.
Dr. Öner Hekim, Chairman of the Board of Hekim Holding, in his speech mentioned increase in the employment by reporting that there will be a continuation of the investments that will provide added values to the country’s economy, and stated that they acted with power constituted by the union of strength.
Hekim Yapı A.Ş. General Coordinator Mr. M. Fatih Ulusoy has started his speech by wishing the meeting to be realized with the same excitement and beauties in unity and togetherness, as it was experienced during the period from the first dealer meeting that started in 2006 up to the present day,
he explained that they have commissioned the 3rd Hekimboard production plant with an investment of 20 million dollars in the year 2014 and reported that they have reached an throughput capacity of 125.000 cubic meters fibercement production with the new facility.He stated that they have targeted 30% increase in the HekimBoard turnover, by expressing that the have envisaged the additional capacity the facility brought.He reported that in the third half of the year, with such production capacity, the effectiveness in the market will be significantly increased, and he heralded that The polyurethane foam sandwich panel facility will be commissioned in the second half with a new investment in Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s Hendek Integrated Facilities. They planned to increase the market share significantly in 2015 for HekimPor brand EPS productions; thet made a decision on new investment.
Hekim Yapı A.Ş. Assistant General Coordinator; Mrs. Özge HEKİM, in er speech, after she mentioning their sensitivty about the recovery back to nature, recycling and environmental awareness by addressing the production increase charts of HekimBoard, HekimPanel, HekimPor and Hekimpan brands, she terminated her speech.
Hekim Yapı A.Ş. Sales and Marketing Coordinator Abdullah Yaylı in his speech; by mentioning the effective practices in advertising, promotion and event management in 2014, he reported that Hekim Yapi A.S. will increase its success chart in 2015 as well and will extend its brand value in the global sense.
In the meeting where the Hekim Profil brand composed under the roof of Hekim Holding is promoted, light steel structure profiles, light steel prefabricated structure profiles, HekimBoard Profiles, joining elements are elaborated and importance and need in the sector was emphasized.
After the completion of all the presentations, 10th year plaques were presented to the nearly 20 dealers, who are present in the Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s 10th dealers meeting and accompanying as fellow traveler on this journey.
Plaques and special prizes were presented to the dealers who were ranked top according to the turnover rankings evaluated each year..
In the Gala Night, Hekim Yapı A.Ş., has hosted its guests in the best way with a magnificent party well suited to 10th year . With the magnificent stage performance of the singer Sevcan Orhan, the folk songs that touched the hearts were sung and there were many fun moments.
Hekim Yapı A.Ş., which maintains its leading position in the sector with the initiatives on building facing,roofing and facade panels, continues to offer works that make difference in its all activities, with the confidence in 8 companies and 8 enterprises, affiliated to Hekim Holding.

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