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Hekim Yapı Establishes 3rd Production Plant

In 2004, Turkey established the first autoclaved Fibercement plate production facility Physicians Construction is building a new production facility.

Hekim Yapı which founded the first autoclaved fiber cement plate production plant in Turkey in year 2004, is establishing a new production plant.

Fiber cement plates which started to be used widely in the world after the ‘90’s have close to 10 years in our country. HEKIMBOARD fiber cement plates in dimensions of 1250×2500-2800-3000 mm and thickness ranging between 6-20 mm. are produced as plain, wood/stone/brick patterned and with joint gap. TURKSIDING natural cement clapboard siding with plain or wood pattern appearances are used in joint exterior cladding applications and foil covered FIBER CEMENT LAMINATED plates in various colors and patterns which have different features are used in all kinds of interior applications without any need for paint. These different kinds of plates all provide workmanship convenience and economic solutions as well as many other features. HEKIMBOARD plates, having a wide area of use in the prefabricated building sector as interior and exterior wall member, are used in many areas of application such as school, hospital, military buildings, multi-storey buildings, housing buildings and historical buildings.

The company has started to establish its third factory in 2013. The total amount of all investments reaches $95 million and total amount of investments regarding fiber cement products reaches $70 million with this third factory expected to cost $20 million. The number of employees will be more than 500 in Hendek facilities sprawling on an area of 100.000 m2, which now has 400 employees. Annual fiber cement production capacity will reach 115.000 m3 with the activation of new production plant, from the existing capacity of 80.000 m3. Hekim Yapı grinds the quartz mineral in micronized dimensions to use in fiber cement production.

Investments of Hekim Yapı are not only aimed at fiber cement plate production. The company is an affiliate of Hekim Holding, comprising of 8 companies and 4 plants operating in 10 different sectors, and has completed and activated the plant which is producing three different products in year 2011. EPS products (insulation plates, insulating board plates, decorative ceiling plates, asmolen corrugated injection packing materials under the plates etc.) which have a significant place in the insulation sector are offered to the customers with HEKIMPOR brand.

Hekim Yapı is also in the market with sandwich panel products, another area of roofing and siding sector. EPS or rock wool filled roof and façade panels are produced under HEKIMPANEL brand in the continuous sandwich panel production plant activated in 2011. Wall panels with one side painted sheet and the other side fiber cement or PET plate can be produced continuously as a special production in the facility, having 2.000.000 m2 panel production capacity per year. Hekim Yapı continues its policy of producing intermediate products which have strategic importance in the production and it produces the PET plates used in panel production as well as producing PET foils under HEKIMPLAST brand which are used in lamination of fiber cement plates.

Another investment continuing in Hendek Facilities of Hekim Yapı is the wide-span 8 storey light steel building which will be produced in Turkey for the first time. Insulated wall panel and panel components production will also be carried on besides this production. The technology transfer agreement is concluded regarding production line of 8-storey light steel building and construction of the factory is resuming in Hendek facilities of Hekim Yapı.

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