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Why HekimBoard Should be Preferred?

  • Used safely in all known surfaces (exterior-interior-floor-ceiling).
  • Used conveniently under all kinds of coating.
  • It introduces a ventilated system and extends the life of the building.
  • Used safely under eaves or in wet areas.
  • Ensures high resistance incomparable to gypsum or plastic products.
  • Does not allow generation of mould or bacteria due to moisture.
  • It is not A class, but A1 CLASS INCOMBUSTIBLE building material. These are the most reliable and fire resistant products in fire classification.
  • It does not require any surface smoothening such as gypsum plaster, roughcast, finish plaster, mesh etc. It established smooth and clear surfaces even if it is not painted.
  • It is very easy to give any kind of form with proper cutting tools. It can be used conveniently and reliably in reflecting the designs of your dreams on the facades, without giving up on quality and long-lasting products.
  • It is not as fragile to be cut by a boc cutter, however all kinds of processes can be made on it with proper tools.
  • Its insulation and acoustic values are high. Provides the highest efficiency in buildings with A energy class.
  • Increases usage area of the building with marginal thicknesses.
  • Provides superior performance with two different surfaces (one plain and smooth the other grainy to increase adhesion) in case any covering-adhering is desired on it.
  • It is a multi-purpose surface plate not requiring any gypsum plaster, roughcast, finish plaster, paper covering, lining and even painting during construction and in the remaining life of the building, if required.
  • It is the ideal building material for fast and easy buildings. It is not scrapped, does not constitute wastage in surface damages as its surface and insides are not created by separate materials. It is responsible of generating the most suitable cost with minimal workmanship costs.
Hekimboard is produced in cutting-edge technology factories on 100.000. m2 closed space in Hendek, Adapazari, with the assurance of Hekim Holding and exported all around the world. Applications in 2011 is reaching 4.000.000.-m2.

Please contact us from 0216 493 0 493 (0216 HYE 0 HYE) for our references and other details and superior features.

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