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Meeting with Industry Professionals in Ankara

Hekim Yapı A.Ş. met with the professionals of construction and structure industries ate Product Introduction Seminar held at Ankara Green Park Hotel on 16 November, 2017 Wednesday.

Hekim Yapı, the first autoclaved fibercement natural cement board manufacturer of our country and the perimeter region, produces high quality structure, structure coating and inslulation products with classical and cultural authenticity aimed for fast production in all life and utilization areas including industrial and trade structures since its foundation (2011). Hekim Yapı A.Ş.’s main production items are HekimBoard brand boards used as interior and exterior façade coating materials, HekimPanel used as insulated sandwich wall and façade panels, HekimPor used as thermal insulation materials and injection products and HekimPan used as prefabricated wall panels

Hekim Yapı Assistant General Coordinator Özge Heim, Marketing and Sales Coordinator Abdullah Yaylı, HekimBoard Marketing and Sales Manager Aysun Ercin, Hekim Yapı employees, dealers, construction and structure industry professionnals attended to the seminar.

HekimBoard Marketing Vice Manager Arda Gül made the product introduction presentation. Production stages of HekimBoard brand boards, material specifications and types are emphasized, and information on reasons for selecting HeimBoard product and application principles were given.

Presentation is concluded with the information on application examples particularly in Ankara as well as question-answer section.

Attendants had an opportunity to view the products at fibercement board display area in the meeting hall and received technical information from the officers.

Attendants spoke wit the officers and exchanged information during the cocktail after seminar which received a wide participation.

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