Laminated Fiber Cement
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Laminated Fiber Cement

Laminated Fiber Cement Sheets

These are HEKIMBOARD sheets and boards laminated with PET foil using a special kind of glue (hot melt PUR). They are generally used as wall cladding material in wet areas such as bathroom and toilet or interior applications of site buildings and containers. They do not require paint and special treatment.

Polyethylene terephtalate (PET) is a thermoplastic material produced with poly-condensation method belonging to polyester family. Its most significant utilization advantage is recyclability. It’s a type of foil which can be used both in the interiors and the exteriors. Resistant to humidity and water, does not corrode or accommodate fungus. It serves as a barrier against vapor and humidity. It has an elastic structure, therefore avoids cracking. It is resistant to scratches and wear. It is stainless and easy to wipe. It is not sensitive to light. It does not have formaldehyde in its structure. It does not emit hazardous gases during combustion due to the fact that it does not contain halogen compounds, softeners or cadmium. PET foils we use are produced under HEKIMPLAST brand in our production plant.

PUR (polyurethane) hot melt glue is used in the bonding of both paper and PET foil. This polyurethane based glue which has very good adhesion specification in all kinds of surfaces, melts with the help of the heat and applied on the surface. It has approximately 8.000 m Pas viscosity. It has all the advantages of traditional two compound polyurethane systems. It provides hardening by utilizing ambient humidity. It is melted with the aid of cutting edge glue unit and fed to the system and then applied to the surface which will be coated with modern coating machine.

Polypropylene Foil Laminated Fiber Cement Sheet

These are natural fiber cement based sheets autoclaved and laminated with polypropylene foil, in various colors and designs and can be used in all kinds of interior applications by eliminating the need to paint. Similar to PVC folio in characteristics, the most significant difference of polypropylene foil from PVC foil is that it does not emit any harmful gass when it takes fire. property of PP foil which is similar in characteristic specifications to PVC foil is not emitting any harmful gas. It is preferred for this reason over pvc foil. Foil laminated HekimBoard fiber cement interior sidings are ideal cladding material especially for wet areas and do not require maintenance.
It is durable against scratching and easily cleaned.
Flat and smooth surfaced HekimBoard building siding sheets are used as under foil building material on foiled Hekimboard sheets.

General areas of use;

  • Demountable partition wall systems
  • Modular partition wall systems
  • Interior and ceiling cladding of prefabricated buildings and containers
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Insulated interior wall panel production,
  • Wet area claddings
  • Cubical Systems
  • Furniture Industry
  • Products likely to be exposed to moisture
  • Paper Foil Laminated Fiber Cement Sheet

Dimensions (mm x mm)Thickness (mm)Sheet Area (m2)Sheets Per Pallet
1250 x 250063,125100
1250 x 250083,12575
1250 x 2500103,12560
1250 x 2500123,12550
1250 x 300063,75080
1250 x 300083,75060
1250 x 3000103,75050
1250 x 3000123,75045