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İyidere Municipality Building


About the Project

General Information About İyidere Municipality Building

Hekimboard, prepares many different exterior coating products with fibercement, which is being cellulose fiber reinforced cement products. While the fibercement outer facade coating technology that may be designed optionally as well as the models offered as standard protects the building from the weather conditions, it also helps them to have a characteristic architecture.

Hekimboard Fibercement Coating Types

The fibercement is used in the building facade design frequently. The plain, patterned or fluted panel types help the buildings to gain wooden, natural stone brick, fluted view or plain style. In addition to this, the floor cornice, jamb and Turksiding panel types provide the buildings an ornamental or stepped appearance.
Hekimboard products that are produced from completely natural materials, are environmentally friendly. Since there is A 1 Class Fire resistance, it has flame resistant and flameproof feature. It offers high performance even in humid environments as it is not affected by water and humidity. All coating types are resistant to adverse weather conditions and ultraviolet rays. Thus, their patterns and colors remain vivid for a long time.

İyidere Municipality Building Facade Coating

The unique texture of the Black Sea architecture creates the basis of the exterior facade coating of Rize İyidere Municipality Building. Thanks to Hekimboard panels that can be easily produced in different patterns and thicknesses, all desired architectural details were easily added to the project. The panels come to forefront with their building protection feature and decorative appearance. Thus, İyidere Municipality Building being a public institution has turned into a building that draws attention with its architectural design in the region and sets an example with its characteristic structure.

A plain and patterned panel in the 10 mm thickness were used in the construction of İyidere Municipality Building. In addition to this, the fibercemement panels in different thicknesses were included to the project practically for the details. Thanks to its ease of assembly, Hekimboard products also helps to save labour and time during the project. The panels that can be painted in the desired color with their special texture were coloured in compliance with characteristics of the Black Sea region architecture for the Iyidere Municipality Building. For decoration of the facade coating of the building, the window cornice and floor cornice are available as decorative elements in the design with the exterior facade panels. By preferring HekimBoard panels, you can make the exterior design of your buildings both functional and decorative appearance.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: İyidere/Rize -

Total Project Area: 1.600 m2

Project Date: February 2021 - May 2021

Project Status: Completed

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