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Konika Paper Mill


About the Project

General Information About Konika Paper Mill

Konika Paper Mill Fibercement Applications

One of the newest project of Hekim Yapı where Hekimboard products were used that offer both durability and visual superiority for exterior facade coating is located in Tekirdağ Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone. The project applied to 2500 m2 facade includes all the facade cladding processes in the administrative building of Konika Kagit A.Ş. In building coatings, the components of different thickness and dimensions of the fibercement material draw attention. In this project, the intensive use of the jamb from Hekim Yapı products with Hekimboard plain panel and KS-02 floor cornice is available.

Decorative and Functional Fibercement Coating Solutions

The exterior facade coating products used in order to minimize the energy need of the buildings reduce the energy loss of the building as well as also contribute their longevities. HekimBoard brand fibercement coatings used frequently in interior and exterior facade coating projects has A1 class fireproof certificate. The panels with A1 value that minimise the sudden ignition and toxic gas emission in possible fire cases prevent the flaming of the facade coating material in the environments where there are machines and devices. The fibercement with cement and micronized quartz composition has high resistance against to moisture and water. Being moisture resistant and environmentally friendly helps the fibercement facade coating solutions to create healthy and comfortable conditions in areas such as factories and administrative buildings where employees stay together for long hours.

Also in Konika A.Ş. Paper Mill project, the plain exterior panels form the basic facade coating function. Hekimboard plan exterior panel areas that are produced in the thicknesses changing in 6 mm – 20 mm differ between 3.125 m2 – 3.75 m2. In this project, it seems that 10 mm, 12 mm and 20 mm plain exterior panel dimensions were preferred. By using paints with different tones of the same colour, it is possible to achieve a decorative appearance without compromising the integrity of the building. By leaving 10 mm joint gap between the exterior facade coating panels, the different colour application can be made to these areas. In this project, the colour transitions are provided by colouring the joint fillers.

Hekimboard Floor Cornice and Jamb Applications

The fibercement products are used frequently in the production of the plain panel as well as floor cornice and jamb. Hekimboard KS01 and KS02 fibercement floor cornice options complete the decorative appearance of the interfloors. The floor cornice increases the integrity of the building coating materials. In Konika A.Ş. Paper Mill project, the use of KS02 fibercement floor cornice is available. The exterior facade appearance is perfected by applying Hekimboard floor cornice to the gaps left with the plain exterior plane dimensions intact. Exactly like in Hekimboard plain panels, the floor cornice and jamb produced with A1 flammability feature increase the fire safety of the administrative building in this project. PS03 window jambs in 20 mm thickness are produced with the square measures changing between 0.375 m2 – 0.45 m2. Hekim Yapı that makes its mark in the building sector for 20 years supplies Hekimboard branded facade coating products to the domestic and international markets. It success in the fibercement plain panel production is proven once again with the applications in Konika A.Ş. Paper Mill project. You may access the detailed information about the panel dimensions and pallet contents of Hekimboard products from Hekim Yapı website.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: Çorlu/Tekirdağ -

Total Project Area: 2.500 m2

Project Date: July 2020 - January 2021

Project Status: Completed

Used Products

Our Products Used in this Project and Their Areas of Usage


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