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Kuzey Ankara Entrance Urban Transformation Project


About the Project

General Information About Kuzey Ankara Entrance Urban Transformation Project

Project Address: The area between the 17th and 21st kilometers of the protocol road extended from Ankara Esenboğa Airport to the city center.
Completion Date: Following the completion of the 1st stage of the project, 2nd stage on the opposite side of the road which has a larger area continues in stages within itself at high speed.
Board Type: Flat-Wood and Natural Stone pattern boards, also water jet cut gypseries

Kuzey Ankara Entrance Urban Transformatioon Project has been granted many award in international area and in Turkey. 2009 United Nations Habitat best practice award, first prize of 2010 Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities Urban and Regional Planning are the outstanding of the awards.

There are a recreation area of over 600.000 m2 and a mosque and complex which is still under construction within the project. 3.5 km road corresponding to the project alignment has longest floor heated road title o Turkey and consisting of tunnel, arch bridge and viaducts.

The 3rd stage towards Hasköy Valley which will start after the completion of the second stage of the project is planned and its projects are drawn. In all stages, HEKİMBOARD which is the first domestic brand of the autoclave fibercement cement based boards in Turkey continue to be external acade coating preferred on all facades with its quality and aesthetic uses.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: Ankara -

Total Project Area: 600.000 m2

Project Date: 02 January 2016 - 09 April 2014

Project Status: Completed

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