Walnut Pattern Board

HekimBoard Walnut Pattern Fibercement Boards

Walnut Pattern Board

Brand HekimBoard
Product Group Patterned Sheet
Incombustibility Class A1

It can be used on all surfaces where it has the warm appearance of wood and the wood appearance is preferred with its walnut looking surface. It can be used safely in humid environments since it does not decay due to their water and humid resistant feature. It can be painted to the any preferred color appropriate to the surface. It does not affect from any harmful pests and contain any pest in their structure.

Plate Dimension Table

Walnut Pattern Board Dimensions

Technical Details Dimensions (mm x mm) Thickness (mm) Plate Area (m2) Number of Plate in the Pallet Request Form
1250 x 2500 1250 x 2500 8 3,125 75
10 3,125 60
12 3,125 50
1250 x 3000 1250 x 3000 8 3,75 60
10 3,75 50
12 3,75 45


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