We are at İzmir Structure Fair

We are at İzmir Structure Fair

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Hekim Yapı in TurkeyBuildİzmir – Construction Materials and Technologies Exhibition after the Ankara Construction Fair

The 21st building fair, Turkeybuild İzmir, which is the greatest rendezvous of Turkish construction sector and the region will be taken place in İzmir between November 5 and 8, 2015.
In the fair, which intends to bring together all sector stakeholders in the fields of building, construction materials and technologies, Hekim Yapı A.Ş. will take part at the stand numbered 912 in the Hall A with its distinguished product range and complementary construction materials.

Through the brand blend comprising of HekimBoard branded fibercement products, insulated sandwich wall, HekimPanel, EPS insulation materials in the field of facade panels, packaging products, Hekimpor, HekimPan in the fields of insulated ready-made wall panel, Hekim Yapı A.Ş., which is included in the leaders of the construction materials sector because of R&D investments,keeps on its sustainability-oriented activities at full speed in its philosophie targeting the future.

Hekim Yapı, which added a new one to its investments also as of the end of 2015, will reach a production capacity of 4,000, 000 m2 per year as of the end of 2015, by adding a privilege to the sector and commissioning the polyurethane sandwich panel line, which will produce products measuring 600-1250 mm in width. Hekim Yapı, which became the first and leader company with Hekimboard branded fibercement products, has made investments in machine park within the year 2015 in such a manner that it added difference and value to fibercement boards produced completely in its facilities and managed to produce special design jambs, storey moldings and fluted boards and it will promote such special design jambs, storey moldings and fluted boards in the İzmir Building and Construction Fair after Ankara Construction Fair.