A1 Class Incombustible Building Plate

A1 Class Incombustible Building Plate

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Turksiding and Hekimboard, both A1 class incombustible surface coating materials, are obtained with the mixture of same natural raw materials and their technical specifications are equal.
Turksiding and Hekimboard materials are A1 class incombustible materials.
Hekimboard and Turksiding are A1 class incombustible building materials according to DIN EN 13501-1 standard due to the fact that they have silica and cement to a large extent in their structure.
Turksiding and Hekimboard are absolutaley incombustible or do not melt in high temperatures.
A1 class incombustible Hekimboard and Turksiding cannot ignite any fire.
In the incombustibility test for A1 class incombustible Hekimboard and Turksiding plates; test sample 8 mm thick, test duration 180 min., test temperature 500 Co. Other than color change subject to high temperature, combustion or cracking were not observed on the surface of the plate after 180 minutes of duration.
They are A1 class incombustible (A1 class incombustible building material according to DIN EN 13501-1), do not melt, help existing fire to extinguish.
Hekimboard and Turksiding products, both A1 class incombustible materials, have become preferred products pursuant to new fire code.
It is a known fact that legal obligations will be brought in the future for the utilization of A1 class incombustible material and it will be one of the main conditions in the technical specifications.
It is expressed clearly that the demand for fiber cement products will increase more and it will be used as the necessary building material in many applications due to the fact that it is A1 class material.