Decorative Casing

Decorative Casing

HekimBoard Decorative Casing

Manufactured from fiber cement sheets produced as Hekimboard siding material, decorative casings can eliminate all aesthetic concerns regarding the architecture of the building. Decorative casings customized from rugged, endurable Hekimboard sheets in flat or patterned type and buildings instruments belonging to other details can be mass-produced or manufactured as special models as per requirement.

Dimensions (mm x mm)Thickness (mm)Length (mm)Units Per Package
80 x 2500202500450
100 x 2500202500360
150 x 2500202500240
200 x 2500202500180
80 x 3000203000375
100 x 3000203000300
150 x 3000203000200
200 x 3000203000375