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Tanzania 2nd Turkish Export Products Exhibiton

Tanzania 2nd Turkish Export Products Exhibiton

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

According to IGEME data Tanzania had an average industrial growth rate of 10% between years 2003-2007 in connection with the development in construction, mining and manufacturing sectors, despite problems arising from high oil prices and weak energy and transportation infrastructure and approximately 23% of GDP is generated from industry.
Turkey’s trade volume with Tanzania which was below $10 million in the 90’s generally followed an increasing trend despite showing fluctuations in some years and was above $65 million per year in 2008-09. The trade balance was in favor of Turkey for the last 15 years with the exception of few years. According to data from year 2009 the trade balance is in our favor and it was $44 million.
The interest to our products was high in the Tanzania 2nd Turkish Export Products exhibition which we participated for the first time. Around 100 companies visited our stand and we started for long-term business relations.