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TurkSiding Sheets

Siding is a term describing overlapping applications like fish scales and is accepted all around the world. The planks produced by HEKIM YAPI under TURKSIDING brand is identical with HEKIMBOARD in terms of the raw materials they contain and their production techniques. The difference is only in the dimensions and the type of application.

Table of Dimension and Weight

Thickness (mm)Dimension (mm x mm)Plate Area (m2)Unit Weight (kg/m2)Plate Weight (kg)Number of Plates in a PaletteNumber of Plates in 1 m3
8170 x 25000,42511,24,76525294
10170 x 25000,42514,05,95420235
8200 x 25000,5011,25,60450249
10200 x 25000,5014,07,00360200