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Package House Project


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General Information About Package House Project


Hekim Holding prefabricated building group which is the pioneer of the initials continues to make a difference in the sector with its “Package House” concept. These package house designed with an approach following the needs of period closely and seeking answers to the need can be assembled in a day. The houses designed by taking precautions against disasters such as earthquake and fire are preferred with its adaptation to harsh climatic conditions.

The buildings produced with advanced technology in factory environment and delivered with approved heat, sound and water insulation tests are consisting of two containers with 48,00 m2 area in 6,00×8,00 m dimensions.

A1 class incombustible HekimBoard fibercement boards were preferred at external facade of the package houses. HekimBoard fibercement boards with plain and pattern options are confronted with wood and stone patterns in the project. 200x2500x8 mm Turksiding plates applied in the project as a clapboard in the project reveals clear lines in the design by combining with 272x625x10 mm HekimStone Stone Pattern boards.

Tasarımı, düşük maliyetler ile kullanıcıya sunan “Paket Ev”ler; çevre dostu olması, taşınabilme ve ek modüllerle genişletilebilme özelliği, hafif ve dayanıklı yapısıyla tercih ediliyor.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: Pendik/İstanbul -

Total Project Area: 48 m2

Project Date: November 2020 - November 2020

Project Status: Completed

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