Samsun Atakum Villa Project


Starting Date: April 2018
Ending Date: June 2018
Utilized Products and Quantities: 1.000 m2
HekimBoard 10 mm abd 16 mm Plain Exterior Board

HekimBoard Fibercement Natural cement Boards are preferred for the facades of Samsun Atakum Villa Project, which gained recognition with its boutique design.
HekimBoard boards in different thicknesses and dimensions are used in the project, and exterior façades are coated using 16 mm boards. The jambs are specially prepared for the project at shops and installed on the façades. Mortise and tenon joints are carved on the joining edges, providing a successful solution for connection details. Different laying patterns are used on façades longer than 3 meters.

Garden walls (columns), soffits, parapets, floor belly lines and window ledges are also coated using HekimBoard boards in order to maintain the integrity of the appearance.
Harmony of the different details created with single material made a large contribution to the strong accent of the design, pioneering similar projects.
HekimBoard fibercement boards are safely used in projects for their water-resistant and class A1 anti-flammability features. They can be ued on exterior surfaces of the buildings as well as many other areas such as interiors, decoration, soffits, raised floors, ceilings, garden walls.