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Badem Villas


About the Project

General Information About Badem Villas

In the Badem Villas project, located in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul, an aesthetic appearance was provided to the project by using Hekimboard brand exterior cladding boards. The durability and quality of the project was increased by preferring Hekimboard fibercement on exterior facade of Badem Villas project. The fibercement products were preferred in cymatium and interior section decoration as well as facade cladding in the project. Also, the protection of the exterior of Badem Villas against adverse climatic conditions and rains was aimed by using Hekimboard fibercement coating products, which are produced using completely natural substances. The exterior durability and aesthetic appearance of the Badem Villas project was increased with use of single material. The boards used in the project does not produce harmful emission gas in case of possible fire due to it is being in A1 class non-combustibility feature. Also, the healthy living conditions were come to the forefront in the Almond Villas project.by using Hekimboard exterior cladding that does not contain asbestos with a negative effect on health. In addition, the durability and visual quality of the Badem Villas project were also been increased by exterior cladding boards with a thickness of 12 millimeters.

Hekimboard Products Used in Badem Villas Project

The Plain Exterior Board, Walnut Tree Patterned Board, Hekimstone Board and Natural Stone Patterned Board with 12 milimeter thickness were mainly used in Başakşehir Badem Villas project. In addition to the boards used, the durability was ensured for the project with different Hekimboard products. We may list the features of Hekimboard products, which are highly preferred in the Badem Villas project as follows:

  • Plain Exterior Board: The board in A1 non-combustility class has easy assembly feature. The natural ingredients are used in its production.
  • Walnut Tree Patterned Board: The board that draws attention with its walnut wood color is not affected from water and moisture. In addition, no pest accommodation is observed in its structure.
  • HekimStone Board: The stone-look board is quite durable in despite its light structure. The board in A1 non-combustility class draws attention with its easy portability.
  • Natural Stone Pattern Board: It has crash proof surface. The natural stone patterned board may be used by cutting in desired dimensions.

Project Information

Project Details

Project Location: Bahçeşehir/İstanbul -

Total Project Area: 5.600 m2

Project Date: July 2021 - September 2021

Project Status: Completed

Used Products

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