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Sabancı University Altunizade Campus


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General Information About Sabancı University Altunizade Campus

Hekimboard Exterior Cladding Application in Sabancı University Altunizade Campus

In the project that HekimBoard plain exterior board applicaitons gains weight in Sabancı University Altunizade Campus being one of newest project of HekimBoard plain board products coming to the fore front with its durability, the use of HekimBoard patterned board adds dynamism to the building. The visual integrity of the building is completed by using HekimStone stone patterned baord in almost every component of the exterior. Both modern architecture is put forward and the functional aspect of a university building is supported by design by using the fibercement cladding in different thicknesses and sizes.

Energy Saving Solutions with HekimBoard Exterior Board Products

In architectural projects of the present day, the smart solutions that meet energy needs are prioritized. Sabancı University Altunizade Campus Project, where HekimBoard plain exterior board products were used contains fibercement cladding that minimise energy consumption of public building in heating and cooling. The fibercement cladding, which has high values in terms of heat and water insulation, appears to be available in all HekimBoard 10 mm plain exterior board options.

In university buildings where personnel and student circulation are intense, such as office spaces, classrooms, conference halls, has also of great importance to have interior and exterior claddings that minimize the risk of fire. HekimBoard brand fibercement material preferred in this project, has A1 class certificate of non-combustibility. In case of possible fire incidents, HekimBoard plain that minimize sudden ignition and toxic gas emission come to the forefront technically. The composition of cement and micronized quartz allows HekimBoard fibercement material to show high resistance to moisture and water. In the Sabancı University Altunizade Campus project where 1250 x 2500 mm. and 1250 x 3000 mm board dimensions are used together, 10 mm plain exterior board thickness is preferred.

Dynamic Touches to Modern Styles with HekimStone Stone Patterned Board

Hekim Yapı being a pioneer in exterior cladding also puts forward its fibercement production for the patterned board. HekimStone stone patterned board products produced in thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 12 mm reflects the simplicity of natural stone appearance. In Sabancı University campus project, Hekimstone stone patterned board option in 12 mm thickness is used with 10 mm HekimBoard plain exterior board. The stone patterned board application is not limited to exterior cladding. The stone pattern creates alternative for decorative appearance of the window frame. Thanks to the painting processes carried out after the cladding is completed, the stone patterned boards become dynamic surfaces. The color transitions in Sabancı University Altunizade Campus project is provided by painting HekimBoard plain board and HekimStone stone pattern boards in different tones.

HekimBoard plain and patterned boards are offered to the user with high-tech features such as heat insulation, air permeability and moisture resistance. These characteristics help to strengthen university buildings with long-lasting and durable materials. HekimBoard products with different thicknesses and color application capacity adds an aesthetic touch to the plain appearance of modern architecture. You may reach the solutions you need by learning further information about HekimBoard exterior products that conform to every area.

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Project Location: Altunizade/İstanbul -

Total Project Area: 3.750 m2

Project Date: April 2021 - August 2021

Project Status: Completed

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