University of Sakarya Seminar

University of Sakarya Seminar

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Hekim Yapı A.Ş. Continues to Give Seminars as Part of its Training Vision

students as part of the training vision in the industry, school trainings and preparation to business life on March 12.

University of Sakarya brings industry professionals and students together as part of “Engineering Seminars” course scope for the 4th grade students of Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department. In that extent, officers of companies, material producers, contracting companies, construction companies, etc. operating in Construction Industry are making contribution to the seminar. Informing students about their operations, products and productions in their own fields of construction industry helps students in developing a future profile in those fields.

Hekim Yapı A.Ş. HekimBoard Marketing Vice Manager Mr. Arda Gül participated in the seminar, giving generic information about Hekimboard brand of Hekim Yapı A.Ş. which has A1 non-combustible classification and is the first autoclaved fibercement natural cement product of Turkey as well as other interior and exterior façade coatings available in the market. HekimBoard brand boards preferred by architects and engineers for many projects in and out of the country offer great solutions for modern structures with their varying thicknesses, patterns and colors.

Furthermore, students are informed on HEKİMCOLORBOARD (self-colored fibercement) being produced for the first time in Turkey by Hekim Yapı in a variety of colors since early 2018.

Brief information is given on the other brands of Hekim Yapı including HekimPanel, HekimPor and HekimPan in the seminar, and questions on the future of the industry and products are answered at the end of seminar.