4 February 2019 | 1,171 Imaging

HekimBoard Fibercement Application Competition’19 | Hekim Yapı

We also carry Traditional Hekimboard Fibercement Application Competition to the interactive media in this year. The voting on our website will continue until the start of the competition to be held at the dealer meeting.

While an exciting competition awaits our dealers, you also share this enthusiasm!

Hekim Yapı wishes success to all participants.


Business Center / Sakarya
Tual Adalar Housing Project / İstanbul
Bostancı Housing Project / İstanbul
Seyrantepe Housing Project / İstanbul
Housing Project / Eskişehir
Uzungöl Hotel Project / Trabzon
Urban Transformation and Development Project / Van
Urban Transformation Project / Ankara
Kadıköy Housing Project / İstanbul
Villa Project / Samsun

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