1 July 2019 | 241 Imaging

Self Colored Fibercement Incombustibility Test | HekimColorBoard

HekimColorBoard with A1 class incombustibility certificate has proved its durability. In the durability test at 42th Construction Fair stand, in despite of self colored #fibercement board in 10mm thickness expose to 600°C temperature, it did not show any combustion.

What is A1 Class Incombustibility?
A1 class #incombustibility certificate is the highest level of incombustibility certificate among building materials.

Hello to everyone from 42th Construction Fair. Today, we will perform a incombustibility test for our self colored fibercement product HEKİMCOLORBOARD at Hekim Yapı stand.

We have a tempered glass mechanism here. And approximately 600°C temperature is given to our board. HEKİMCOLORBOARD boards are A1 class incombustible. It does not emit gas or particles in any way.

It does not burn due to incombustibility of the main raw materials consisting of cement, cellulose fiber and quartz powder. “Autoclaving” of the material while producing, in other words; due to artificial ashing of cement within a short time of the ashing process, our product has A1 class incombustibility feature.

Our product will warm, but never and ever will ignite. We have turned off our flame. In despite of we just turned off the fire, now the product is cold enough to hold with our hands.

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